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Quotes My 12 year old daughter has been going to Dream Makers for a year now. In the past I had enrolled her in various dance classes at other establishments in which the focus all year was on one single costly show at the end. At Dream Makers, every child has their moment to shine. She has taken 2 classes and performed in 3 productions in the same time frame. It never gets dull, she is always excited, has learned a lot and gained self-esteem. It has been and continues to be such a positive portion of her life, I highly recommend it! Quotes

Quotes My daughter Samantha has been with Dream Makers since it started. She loves the classes and especially loves performing on stage! I am happy that she has been given that opportunity. Laura works really hard and is wonderful with the kids. If you have a child that wants to perform Dream Makers is the place to be! Quotes

Quotes My son has had a wonderful experience with Laura at Dream Makers. He has learned so much and has had so much fun in the rehearsals, classes and productions. We are so glad that we found this group of wonderful people! Quotes

Quotes My 12 year old daughter has been with Dream Makers since it's opened. She enjoys the classes, instructors and productions so much. Last years performances were amazing and I'm looking forward to the next full production this May! Dream Makers is a wonderful program and encourage anyone considering placing their children in acting/singing lessons that they consider Dream Makers! Quotes

Quotes My daughter Cassidy has loved her rehearsels and Glee classes with Laura! Cassidy is always so excited about what she did and has learned after class. Laura works so well with children and is so dedicated. I highly recommend having your children take classes with Laura! Quotes